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I was stuck inside one night during a huge blizzard, and I picked up a camera for the first time ever. I was 19 years old and I had no idea how impactful this moment would be in my career. I convinced my friends Nicole and Katy to let me do their makeup and hair, and using my friend Charlie’s camera, I took photos of my friends outside in the snow.  I felt something spark inside of me when I took these photos. Something powerful. That moment sent me a fierce ten-year mission to pursue my dream. 

it all began in 2010 outside my college dorm at hofstra university.

the story

My dream is PARLR. After that night in the blizzard, I began my career, working anywhere and everywhere I possibly could, from a makeshift studio in my dorm room to a rented fraternity house basement that I outfitted it as a photo studio. I worked for a celebrity stylist, Alexa Winner, driving all over NYC in my 1997 Saab to find unique shooting locations.

My crazy NYC adventure eventually led me back to my hometown of Framingham, where my first "studio" was born in my parent's garage. After just a year, I  upgraded to a 300 square foot space in a mill building, right across the hall from what would eventually become Beauty PARLR and RLR Studio, a 2,500 square foot space. And in the same building as what you know and see today as PARLR.

With the help of our incredibly talented team, our amazingly loyal clients, and a lot of hard work and planning, PARLR was born in 2018. 

20 miles west of boston

11,000 square feet

that started
it all

20,000 clients each year

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This company is such a deep-rooted passion project for me, as it truly represents my heart and soul. Every single detail in our space has been deliberately placed and handpicked to convey a feeling of uniqueness, from the music, to the decor, to the lighting and customer service. Each client’s experience with us matters to me so deeply. I want each client to feel like a personal friend of mine walking through our doors. PARLR is a home I created to harbor my deep love for the industry, my craft, and my love for leadership. I feel privileged and honored to have a space that allows me to live my dream. I am blessed to work alongside such an incredibly talented group of individuals who allow me to lead them on a daily basis. And I am truly grateful and humbled by our clients, who have made this whole dream possible. Our clients make us who we are, and it is as simple as that.

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